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Logger Data/Timestamp

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 When our symphonie logger was first installed, the date/time was accidentally set an hour ahead.  I was able to correct it today, but we have almost a month's worth of raw data with an incorrect timestamp.  What is the best way to correct this?


Scott Hendricks

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 Hi Scott,

 Good question.

In a case like this you will want to use the time offset history function in SDR.  This feature gives you the chance to change timestamps for a range of dates in the site file.

In Symphonie Data Retriever, click  Site > Adjust Time Offsets, then select the appropriate site to open the Time Offset History Window. In this screen you can adjust your time stamps by applying an offset in hours.  Were the offset a matter of days, you could use this website to calculate the days, months, years as hours:


All the best,


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