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"Bad or unsupported logger model" error when trying to open RWD files

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Hello David - Yes you are correct.  Every NRG datalogger has a "model number" that is read by our software from the raw data files.  The "Bad or unsupported model" error pops up when the software cannot understand the model number information. As you said, In order to process data from a SymphoniePLUS logger, you will need to download the latest revision of Symphonie Data Retriever software (version 6 or higher) as it understands the newer SymphoniePLUS model number.

If you do not have SDR 6.0 (or higher) and you try to process a SymphoniePLUS RWD file, you will receive a logger model
number error.

As a side note, SDR 6.0 is backward compatible with Symphonie, 9300, 9200-PLUS and Wind Explorer data, and the user interface

remains largely unchanged.



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Hello.  I am also getting this error message, however I just upgraded to SDR 6.05.05 and it's still happening.  I am using POPAuto to retrieve the .RWD files from my gmx account, which it seems to do just fine, but then SDR can't open the file.  It seems that when I download the file directly using my web browser this does not happen.  The .RWD file size seems appropriate (7k) but somehow is corrupt when using POPAuto.  Are there some settings I can tweak somewhere to make it work?



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