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scale/offset for SR11-05

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Hello Sir,


I am using SR11-05 sensor in the first

The information of sensor:

Calibration result: - sensittivity: S= 20.67 x 10^-6 V /(W/m2) ; Calibration uncertainty +- 0.28 x 10^-6 V /(W/m2)

In this case, Can i use the formula " scale factor = 119.21 / Calibration sheet number" ? 

(S = 119.21 / 20.67 = 5.76; offset=0)


Please help me


Thank you very much



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Hello Vinhquyen,


Thank you for your post.


To properly scale thermopile sensors you need to consult the "Scaling_Thermopile_Sensors_AppNote.pdf". I'm not attaching it here because the information may change overtime and post may not be updated with the most recent version. Please refer to our website or email support@rnrgsystems.com for a current copy.


With a Hukseflux SR11, you'll need to use a "SCM Constant" of 29.875 and divide by the sensors calibration (sensitivity) value.


Scale Factor = SCM Constant / Sensitivity.


Scale Factor = 29.875 / 20.67 = 1.445.


The offset will be 0.


Please contact support@rnrgsystems.com with any further questions.


Thank you!




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