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call now testing and microsoft outlook


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Dear all,


I am configuring email to IPACKGPS | 3G, GSM.  SMTP server, SMTP Login, SMTP Password, POP3 Server are configured correctly with my server. But, when i press "Call Now" until " and sending email process until and there's text "microsoft outlook te....(hiden) under the text "email in progress".

I don't know why. Please help me about this problem, what should i do?

Thank you very much


Malik Ibrochim


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Great question...


The third line of text on the display will show the subject of emails it finds in the POP inbox. In this case, it's showing that there is an email in the iPack's inbox with a message subject starting with "Microsoft Office...."


It is a good idea to keep the iPack's inbox clean so that it uses less data, and can quickly access a Patch file if you have sent one.


In this case I recommend logging into the iPack's mail account and manually deleting the emails that have accumulated.

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