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 I have just tested two uncalibrated #40 anemometers and a calibrated #40 anemometer in a wind tunnel under identical conditions.  I was really concerned about the results and tried to make contact with NRG with no response as yet.  I tested between 1 and 20 m/s.  Above 5 m/s the results showed reasonable agreement.  Below 5 m/s the new calibrated #40 show significant sticking.  Extrapolating the above 5m/s calibrated results below 5 m/s indicates the uncalibrated #40 anemometers (used for 8 months) showed no noticeable sticking down to 1 m/s, but rather overspeeded by more than 1 m/s.  When used in an MCP analysis for a low wind speed site these results are of a high concern.  COME ON NRG.  We need some answers.  I feel I might as well buy some cheaper product or go for a product which you can trust. 

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your post.  I'm concerned about your comment that NRG has not responded to you.  Our last record of your correspondance with NRG was in April of 2009 for a PIN encryption issue.  Since then, you have been pretty quiet.  You may want to consider contacting tech support directly with queries of this type.


You mention that a #40C had issues.  Have you tested against an alternate #40C?  It's possible that your unit is faulty.  We have implemented very tight production controls on the #40C manufacturing process over the last 9 months, but as I'm sure you will understand, no process is perfect.

All of our products carry a 2-year warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects.  If you are concerned about any NRG product you have, please contact us for a Return Materials Authorization.

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