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Missing data

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 I'm doing a wind analysis for a project. The wind data were collected for a period of 13 months. The data looked fine, however there are lots of missing data, once a week the logger stopped recording data at 03:50am until 7pm of the next day. This situation happens during 27 weeks consecutive and I don't know why.

 Thank you.


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 Good call Aislan. 

Maria, you can check the channel where an iPack Voltmeter SCM is installed to see what the voltages were like when the system was working. If there wasn't one, check the logger's internal voltage in SDR:

Open Symphonie Data Retriever Software

Load an RWD file

Click "Read data"

Click View > Volts / Temperature

The graph at the bottom will show the voltage of the D cell batteries (~1.5V to 1.6V). If an iPack is present, the voltage will be 2.00V.

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