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Does the Symphonie select only the provider that has the most strong signal?

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I have a site where I check the signal of a cellular provider "A". I saw in Symphonie that the signal level is 18. Ie. very good signal.

But, when I put a GSM card of this provider appear a message "REGISTRATION DENIED".

The same occured with provider "B" and the communications only worked with provider "C".

Therefore, we must have contracts with many differents cellular providers to allow a good functionality of Symphonie. But It would be more economical if we had a few cell services contracts.

So, one hypothesis that emerged was:  Does the Symphonie select only the provider that has the most strong signal?

How can we solve this problem?

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Hello Erick,


Thank you for your question.


The iPack?s modem is quad-band; meaning it works on the 800MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz.  It will lock on to the band with the strongest signal, if the installed SIM has proper roaming agreements with the network putting out that strong signal.  There is a manual override that is accessible using Symphonie Data Retriever.  I have included instructions below.


Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Best regards,



Locking Frequency Band  Typically, Europe (as well as most of Asia, Australia and Brazil) will always provide the 900/1800 GSM bands while North America provides the 850/1900 bands.  It seems that Thailand is one several countries (Thailand, Uruguay, most Caribbean islands, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Brazil) where the 900/1800 and the 1900 GSM bands are all installed and active at the same time.   This creates the possibility for the iPack to find and latch onto a band (1900) that is not supported by your SIM / GSM Provider.  Once this happens, the iPack cannot switch to the other set (900/1800) of bands.  

We have created a way to "lock" the iPack to either the 900/1800 or the 850/1900 set of bands.   In order to do this, please follow the following instructions:


1) Download and install the latest version of SDR to your computer.


2) Open SDR


3) On your computer keyboard, type: "NRGPHONE" (you do not need to type this into any field, just on the keyboard). ?  A window labeled "phone diagnose" will open.  ?  Click on the GSM tab. 


4) Click on the ?Lock phone to:? 900MHz/1800MHz button. 


5) Click the ??? button to confirm that the band is properly locked down.


6) Now close down the Phone Diagnose window.


7) Connect the iPack to a logger and make a test call.  


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