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Why not export temperature and voltage data in batch?

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I use Symphonie Data Retriever Software,but Why not export temperature and voltage data in batch? I have exported speed and direction data , but there are no temperature and voltage data in these txt files, though I can export data by viewing temperature and voltage, then save it as a txt file, it Can only handle one file by this way, Could you tell me how to export temperature and voltage data in batch?  Thanks.

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You can use a customized export from SDR to obtain logger internal temperature and voltage data.

The first step is to make sure you've got a recent version of SDR (6.0 or above). 

Please contact me, and I can send you a customized *.nef that provides internal temperature and logger voltage.

Once you have the customized *.nef, here's what you do:

Copy the *.nef files to the SYMDR folder (your version of SDR may in fact already have the withvt.nef in there).  On my computer, the path is C:/NRG/SYMDR, so if you've got a NRG folder, look in there.

Start SDR as usual, and then go to Site, View Database, and click the Export button as usual.
Choose the date range, and when the 'save as' dialogue window pops up, choose your customized *.nef.

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