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Symphonie Data Retriever Software


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 The Symphonie Data Retriever Software can be downloaded from the Tech Support section at http://www.nrgsystems.com/TechSupport/SoftwareDownloads.aspx

 - Users can import data, scale data, export data and generate
reports (windrose, frequency distribution, monthly graphs, etc.) for
Symphonie, 9300, 9200-Plus, and Wind Explorer.

- A chip reader
function is included for 9200-Plus and Wind Explorer. EE Reader and
DataPlug Reader can now be used directly with SDR. TermReader is not
supported, but 9300 raw files read by BaseStation are supported.

Users can create, save and apply their own data filters to exclude
icing data, faulty sensor data, etc. from reports.

- Sensor
history has been incorporated into the site editor for easier sensor

- DoCoMo, CDMA, and Satellite phones are supported in
the iPack configuration module.

- SMTP Authentication is now
supported (requires a version 14 iPack).

- POPAuto included:
This utility program checks any POP3 mail account and filters /
extracts Symphonie emails to the raw data folder.

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Please download the latest version of SDR by clicking the filename on the following link:


NRG releases new versions as new functions and features are implemented.  The release notes for each version are listed on the above link by clicking the "More..." link.

Please know that updating SDR will not affect your SiteFiles, or your ability to connect to older iPacks using the iPack Communication Kit.


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