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Problems reading data


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Hi technical support,


I received some raw wind data from one of our sites by GSM. When I tried to open the file I received the following warning message:

"One or more CRC's do not match - possible bad data". When I try to display the file in the NRG software in some time stamp appears "Bad Timestamp" in the header line.



It seems strange because every day we receive a data file until 12.00 H and the next day received a file with the complete observations of the previous day. However for matching periods between the first and the second the first file no present any issues unlike the second. Why this can happen? I read that it may be due to "Encryption Code" but do not use this option.



It is possible to recover this data since from 14:00H we don't have observation? The next day this problem didn't happen.



Thank you in advance for any help.


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NRG Systems' tech support group may be able to repair the files.

Otherwise, the RWD files on the logger's memory card should be intact. The files you received via GSM were likely corrupted during transmission. If you have multiple email recipients programmed in the iPack file you may want to check to see if the other recipients also received corrupted files. It is possible it is related to your email server.

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