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#200P wind vane - possible issues in bi-directional winds?


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We have wind vanes in bidirectional winds i.e. blows from
one direction for 6 months and then quickly changes to blow from the other
direction for the next 6 months. As the wind vane is in the one position for 6
months, when the wind direction changes are there any possible problems that
might occur? Would the wind vane have worn down excessively and so need to
replace earlier than expected? Will the wind vane be able to move as freely
over the directions it hasn?t been reading from due to dust buildup?



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 Good questions...

 As the 200P is a potentiometer-based sensor there are physical elements that can wear over time. We have seen this happen with pot sensors used in turbine control applications. The potentiometer can eventually wear through, and the readings will precipitously falter. Keep in mind that in this application, the sensor is almost always pointed in the same direction, and the vibrations atop the nacelle can be rather extreme.

In the case you describe I don't believe there will be sensor failure on the 1 - 2 year timeframe with normal (read, not extreme) environmental conditions. On a met tower, even if the sensor points at a tradewind for half of the year, there will be some fluctuation in position, and the sensor is capable of performing well in this situation.

Does that help?

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