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Fail on recording data

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Hi !


On 27.12.12 I received 3 files from the mast, via satellite Ipack, concerning this day.


After that, when exporting the data to *.txt, it appears until the year 2105 ! The monthly file after 27.12.12 only shows hour by hour, I mean, 1h50, 2h50, 3h50... instead of 10 minutes interval (1h50, 2h00, 2h10...).


What can I do? Reseting the datalogger will fix this problem?




Aislan Theisen.

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 The iPack should reset logger's clock the next time it calls and connects to the internet time server.

As for any files you have that have incorrect time stamps, you will want to:

  1. Create a ZIP file
  2. Include all all affected RWD files
  3. Also include a few good RWD files from before and after the time stamp issue
  4. Send to support@nrgsystems.com with a description of what happened
I hope that helps!
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