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Hello Sir,


I have a sensor. You can see it at link : http://www.youngusa.com/products/7/5.html


With this sensor, it measures Wind Speed and Wind Direction. I want to connect to SymphoniePlus3.


I think that i need Symphonie SCM Card for RMY Wind Monitor, Anemometer for connecting. I am not sure that SymphoniePlus3 connect the sensor R.MY


Please give me some advice


Thank you



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 Yes, the Wind Monitor is compatible with all Symphonie type loggers, including SymphoniePLUS3

 The direction output can connect directly to channels 7 or 8, as it is a potentiometer type output, similar to the 200P wind vane. You can also use the 200P SCM in any of the open Flex/Analog channels as well.

The speed output of the sensor should route in one of the Flex channels (4 - 6) with the Wind Monitor SCM: Item 3746.



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