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Ipack setting- email


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Hello Everybody,


I am configuring Mail Access from Ipack GSM.


SMTP server, SMTP Login, SMTP Password, POP3 Server are configured correctly with my server. But The Logger doesn't send file to my email which i set up


I change my SMTP server to SMTP server : mail.gmx.com. --> The logger send file to my email (xxx.gmx.com) which i set up



I don't know why. Please help me about this problem


Thank you very much


Best regards,



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Hello Vinhguyen,

Thank you for your post! 

Historically, iPacks require that the server allow traffic on Port 25 for SMTP and Port 110 for POP3. Additionally iPacks do not support SSL encryption. 

Do you know what SMTP/POP3 ports your server uses? Does the server require SSL encryption? This is likely the root cause of the issue. 


Our iPackGPS' are now running version 60 firmware, which allows the user to select any SMTP and/or POP3 ports. The iPack still does not support SSL encryption. 

To modify the port settings, connect the iPack to a PC, open Symphonie Data Retriever, choose "Site" and select "Modify iPack Settings":



Once the iPack has been recognized by the program (confirmed in the bottom left hand corner of the "Modify iPack Settings" screen), select the "iPackGPS/ACC" tab:



Check the boxes to the right of the text box (to make the fields editable) and enter the SMTP/POP3 ports that work with your server. 

Please note that this will only work with iPackGPS units with version 60 or higher firmware. If you'd like to upgrade your iPackGPS to version 60, please email Tech Support at support@rnrgsystems.com to request the firmware file. 


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