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Connecting Digital anemometers to a Symphonie Logger

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I am trying to connect a Thies Digital anem?meter to a Symphony Logger.

The SMC card is installed in the logger and all the wires are connected.

One first problem is that this instrumento requires a 12V power line. The Logger does have a place to attach the power for 12V, but since it operates on batteries, it doesn't reach this voltage, does it?


Because of this, I tried to install an iPack with a solar panel to solve the problem, but it is not powering up. Is this because the battery is empty and the logger will only pwer up when there is enough charge in the battery, or is somethig wrong?


Thank you in advance for the help

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 Hi Vozone,

 Which type of Theis anemometer is it?  Some of them will work with the Digital Anemometer SCM card in channels 4, 5, and 6.

 You're right about requiring 12V.  An iPack can be used to power the sensor.  With the iPack connected, you can draw power for the sensor from the Sensor Power terminal on the Symphonie's wiring panel.

If your iPack's battery is dead and will not take a charge, you may want to consider ordering a new one from our website.  There are two types there, so be sure to check for compatibility.

All the best,


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 I'm also trying to connect a Thies anemometer (type 4.3350.00.000) to a SymphoniePLUS3. I'm using a wire that has four terminals: a black one, a red one, a white one, and one without shrink tape wrapping it up with gray threads). I am wiring the anemometer in channel 13 and I'm not
using a SCM card - do I need a SCM card for this anemometer? - I would appreciate your help in telling me where to connect every terminal (I mean, where does the black, white, red and gray terminals go to, if SHD, GND, SIG and EXC?)

 I'm also using an iPack, and in my case, this device has not been used since quite a time. I've been charging it with the Universal iPack Charger (100 ? 240 V AC Input), but apparently it is not working - I even tried to check it out through my PC, but the Symphonie Data Retriever software does not recognize the iPack. Maybe is not working well anymore, or should I leave charging for a longer time?

 Thanks in advance for your support in this matter!


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