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Connecting a Thies wind vane to a Symphonie Data Logger

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I want to connect a Thies wind vane to a Symphonie Data Logger. I think so I need a SCM card to do it but I'm not sure.

Could you tell me if I need a SCM card or anything more to connect this wind vane to the logger?

Thanks a lot.

Waiting for your reply,


Juli?n Blasco

Wind Resource Department

Grupo Enhol

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 Thanks for your message. Don't worry about reviving old threads here.  We have a lot of products out there so these forums will be relevant for a long time to come.

 The only Thies vane we support is listed above. The Compact is really not very well suited to WRA with Symphonie. The outputs listed on the link you provide are either Gray code, voltage based or current based while the Symphonie is looking for a linear-potentiometer based sensor.

Further, the pot-based Compact sensor that it also available does something unorthodox in the dead band: it shorts all terminals together. This means that if any excitation voltage while the sensor is in the dead band position could damage it. It is for this reason that we recommend against using the Compact for WRA.

Is there a reason you cannot use 200P or Thies 4.3150.xx.210 wind vanes?

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