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Satellite iPacks

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 Satellite iPacks are programmed like any other iPack; with the four tabs:

  1. ISP Access
  2. Mail Access
  3. Email Info
  4. Call Schedule

What sets Satellite iPacks above the other types is global coverage (they work anywhere on Earth) and Wireless Innovation (WI).  WI provides both ISP access and comprehensive mail access with Michmail, including troubleshooting tools. 

Additionally, as a smaller company than most CDMA and GSM service providers, WI can respond quickly to questions, without you having to answer the question "what is an iPack?"

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Do you have a satellite iPack or GSM iPack?  A default configuration file should have been programmed into the iPack, but in case it wasn't, more detailed GSM iPack programming information can be found here:



And satellite iPack programming information can be found here:


Choose the document "Configuring the NRG Satellite iPack".

 If you are unable to resolve the problem, please contact NRG Tech Support directly at jma@nrgsystems.com or by phone, and we'll be glad to assist you.

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I realize this is an old thread, but I wanted to chime in.

My company manages the entire data collection process for a wind energy developer.

We started using the AMPS iPacks as soon as they were released, and struggled a LOT in the beginning. Additionally, we experienced changes by the carriers causing problems (had one situation where it would NOT work for 3-6 months, but would work a mile up the road, but then would start working as mysteriously as it started).  NRG has been as helpful as they could in working through those issues, but there's only so much that can be done.  The carriers tend not to care about data.

 We also tested some GSM iPacks.  While the reliability of them seems to be much better than AMPS, setup was still a bit of a headache (just getting AT&T to call back).

 So.. We've not standardized on satellite iPacks.  I was udderly AMAZED at how easily these units deployed.  I converted 13 units in a very short amount of time and other than a few human-created problems (typos), things went off without a hitch.  The MItchMail service is reliable and has been a good middle-man when we've experienced in-house infrastructure changes that caused problems with delivery.  Lastly, it's very rare to have any transmission problems now.  My client is in the northeastern US, so winters can get cold and getting to the sites becomes impractical.  We had "zero" trips this winter due to iPack failures.  Historically, we'd have a couple for one reason or another.

If you can afford the higher monthly costs and the cost of the equipment, you'll more than save that in hassle.

George Friend
Prodigium, LLC

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