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Is there a way to delete a file you've imported into your database?


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No, there isn't a function in SDR to delete data once it's in the site file. Once it is imported, it cannot be removed, only written over by re-importing the data where changes have been made to the site file.

There are 2 ways to deal with this issue:

  1. Use a blanket filter to omit the data from exports

  2. Delete the site file and start over

To use a blanket filter, in SDR

  • click Site > View Database, and select your site from the list. 

  • click Filters and Blanket Filters
  • enter the range of dates you would like to exclude
  • flag All Channels as Invalid Data

Alternately, to start over with a new site, simply delete or otherwise remove the site file from the C:/NRG/SiteFiles directory.


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