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multiple file registered a day

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I am new here and wonder if anyone can help.

On of our Symphoni recently has problem with data file as it was initiating multiple file with in the same day instead of just one. The site is quite a distance from our office so it will not be convenience to make a inspection. We noted this problem because we have an iPack installed and it send us a daily data. I have no idea what may caused that problem but like to receive some advise from you.

We recived an assistance from NRG promptly and the advice was that we may need a new Symphoni. I wonder if anyone has such experience and if resetting it will help.



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The Symphonie should send two files each time it makes a daily call:

  1. The complete RWD file from yesterday

  2. The partial RWD file from today

This is normal.  If it is creating more files than this, it may be having trouble writing to the MMC.  In this case, a site visit should be made.  You can swap out the MMC and reboot the logger to see if it takes care of the issue.

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I don't know if it is the same situation. Although it didn't occour many times, we had masts that started sending a lot of partial files concerning the same day. In the wort cases we had one file every 10 minutes or without data.

My advice is that you should replace the logger with a spare one as this is a situation that, usually, re-starts to occour after some time even if you performed a data logger reset. You can perform further tests at the office or send it later to NRG for checking. I think this is the best solution if you don't want to lose any raw data.

Best regards,


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