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Satellite error

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I'm trying to configure a new satellite iPack, but I got some errors:

2140 - Pop3_TIMEOUT_ERR

25110 - GPS_SET_EVT




2105 - PPP_ERR

These errors occured in different moments when thying to performe a "Call Now". I followed an old configuration that I have from another satellite system that is in use in another mast.

I'm trying to activate two satellite iPacks:

Customer Modem Reference: EAN8447 - Joca Tavares - Rio Grande do Sul

IMSI: 901032240084028

IMEI: 300025010222590

SIM: 8988169224000840281

MSISDN/C: 881692497348


Customer Modem Reference: EAN7539 - Asperezas - Rio Grande do Sul

IMSI: 901032240084031

IMEI: 300025010225590

SIM: 8988169224000840315

MSISDN/C: 881692497349

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Can you help me?


Aislan Theisen.


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Hello, Aislan - the first thing to confirm is that the WindLinx account is activated through the service provider, Wireless Innovation (www.windlinx.com).  Assuming the account is set up and active, please check that the information unique to the 2 new iPacks you're trying to install (Mailbox Name, Mailbox Password, Sender's Email Address, Email Subject Line) isn't identical to the information copied from an old IPK file.  If you send me your iPackGPS serial numbers and the IPK files you've programmed into each one, we can look into the problem further.

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Dear Julia

The information you asked me:


EAN7539 - Asperezas - Rio Grande do Sul

iPack SN: 462000342


EAN8447 - Joca Tavares - Rio Grande do Sul

iPack SN: 462000340



How can I send you the IPK files?



Best regards,



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