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Automate RWD into site database

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Hi, kind of as a continuation to my last post....  Thank you for the information on running SDR with the /S option.  That is now allowing me to get the txt file output I was looking for from my .NET application.  Unfortunately, my site database is not being updated when I do this.... Is there another swtch(es) to do this? (Provided of course that the site database exists)...  Or is there perhaps a way to execute the batch command from the command line (ie, from a script/application)?


Again, and as always, any info greatly appreciated,



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 Hello Edward,

 Have you considered using POPAuto for this?  This too can be run as part of a script (/S).  It downloads datafiles from a POP server and gives you the option to import all of the *.rwd files into the database and export them to a *.txt file. POPAuto is located in the same folder as SDR (C:\NRG\SymDR).

 All the best,



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 Hi Dave, yes I have; but I've got a much more robust solution already custom made which can keep the old mail on the server without re-processing the data files (by using a uid list).

 I was going to use PopAuto as a backup plan, but I wanted to do it in such a way that I could forward the RWD files (or reattach them into a new MIME message) but I could never get POPAuto to extract the files --- it failed with a 'could not decode MIME message.  (I did post a reply to an existing thread regarding this)

 Thanks for your prompt reply -- now enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend, and I hope to hear from you next week :)


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Hello Edward -

I'm not sure you ever received an answer...

To create TXT files AND import into the database, use:

SDR.exe /i filename.rwd



Silent Import Mode:

Format: SDR.exe /i filename.rwd
This mode is identical to Silent Batch Mode, except that in addition to converting the file to a .TXT file, it will
be imported to the Site Database.



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Hi, if you are interesting a full automate txt file output without recived mail and saved RWD file please contact.
All process is automatic, txt file you can dowanload from www or ftp account.
RWD and TXT file are saved into database. Now I'm working to demo version, when I finsh i send you information.

Best regards
Sory for my english.
Adrian / Poland

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