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Is there a reason NOT to turn off Partial Files?


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Turning off Partial Files in the iPack programming file (*.ipk file) will discontinue the transmission of partial files. This means that every day the iPack calls in, only yesterday's completed file (14kb in size) will be sent, not today's partially completed file.


Since the partial file is usually disregarded when the completed file is received the next day, we have provided the option of turning off partial files. Turning off partial files will also save some air time on the cellular network.


"So, is there any reason that you would NOT want to turn off Partial Files?"


 There is only one thing you should be aware of: If partial files are turned off and an iPack is in the field being installed, forcing a call (by performing a "Call Now"), will not send any files. Since partial files are turned off, and the iPack and Logger are being installed for the first time (with no completed file from yesterday), there is only a partial file in the logger, and it won't be sent.


"If I've turned off partial files, how do I know my iPack is working?"


Once the iPack and logger are installed, perform a "Call Now" (HOME --> 3. Utilities --> 4. iPack --> 1. Call Now). The iPack will go through its usual process of registering, connecting to internet, etc. At the end of the process, although no files will be sent, you will still be notified of a



If you do not see this, check the iPack Event Log (HOME --> 3. Utilities --> 4. iPack --> 4. iPack Event Log). If the first event you see if a call success, great! If not, please make note of the error and error code (5 digits) and look them up in the SymonhiePLUS3 manual. The manual will give some indication of the problem at hand and suggestions for how to fix the issue. IF you are still having trouble, please contact Technical Supports at support@nrgsystems.com. 




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