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SCM for Class 1 Wind Sensor

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Thank you for your question.

The NRG Class 1 Anemometer can be connected to any Symphonie Loggers built-in #40C channels (1-3, 13-15), or in any digital or flex channels with a #40C SCM card. 

 Let me know if you have any questions.


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The Signal Conditioning Modules -SCM?s are designed specifically

to allow sensors to work with our Symphonie Loggers.  There are 8 slots on

our Symphonie Plus 3 logger for SCM?s to plug into. 


The SCM?s only plug into our logger.  Sensors cannot be

plugged into the SCM.



The SCM's used in the logger

are able to take the 2.5 volts coming from the d-cell batteries and through a

DC to DC converter it feeds 5 volts to the Temp sensor.



The SCM for each individual

sensor is able to route the supply voltage needed to the particular



For a vane- channel 7 & 8

sends 2.5 volts to the vane with the built in conversion.  A Vane SCM

would do the same on a analog channel.


For the RH or BP sensors that

need the iPack battery, the SCM routes the 12 V supply to the channel that the

SCM is plugged into.



The SCM's also enable Third Party Sensors to work with Symphonie Loggers. 


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