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Vibratory Mode Anemometer Replacement


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Good afternoon,

Does NRG have a official position about what NRG#40C anemometers that could be affected by the vibratory mode will be replaced and what will be the procedure for this replacement?

- Should the customers send data to NRG in order to prove that their anemometers are presenting the vibratory mode?

- Should the customers return their anemometers to NRG?

- What about the unsued anemometers?

- Should the anemometers be within their period of warranty in order to be replaced?

- Which costs are covered by NRG and which by the customers?

 Thanks in advance for your answers.


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The vibratory mode is not present in #40Cs shipped after January 1, 2009.  We are glad to replace any #40C sensors still covered by our standard 2-year warranty, installed or uninstalled, regardless of whether or not vibratory mode is present.  Please let us know how many sensors you have, their serial numbers, and whether or not they were installed, and we'll replace them at no charge.

In most cases, we will ask that the anemometers are returned to NRG but if this is not possible, there are other options.

Contact NRGTech Support (support@nrgsystems.com), and we will assist you with getting new #40Cs.

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