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Mismatched CRCs


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Dear Sir

I had a problem on converting raw data files. Some values of wind speed are completely wrong and I received the message "848020110322027 Warning: Possible bad data (mismatched CRCs)".

Can I do something to correct the problem?


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A "mismatched CRCs error" is typically caused by failure to enter an encryption code in the SDR software's Site Information Editor window that matches the encryption code programmed into the logger.  If you edit the site information in SDR to include the correct encryption code, data files will look normal.

Once in a while, a bad CRC error may show up when the logger has been damaged, but this is uncommon. 

Let us know if we can assist you further.

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Over the past two months, I have encountered three separate occasions where I got the following warning messages in the batch file when running rwd files through the Symphone Data Retriever:


xxxx20150410079 Warning: Possible bad data (mismatched CRCs)

xxxx20150410079 Imported

xxxx20150410079 Warning: file contains bad timestamps


Note that xxxx is the data logger / station number which I have made anonymous on behalf of my client.  In all three cases, the data record is missing at 11:20 local standard time.  I don't think that this is a coincidence.  Can you provide any input or suggestions as to what is going wrong here?  Thank you.

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Hi Met Man,


Sorry to hear about that.


Were these capital .RWD files or lower case .rwd files? Capital RWD data files are pulled directly from the logger's memory card (MMC or SD, depending on logger type). Lower case .rwd files are those sent as email attachments by an iPack.


Sometimes the files sent by iPacks can get corrupted in transit. This is rare, but happens from time to time. If you find that the file is of this type, see if you can track down the original RWD on the memory card.


If the file is the capital RWD version, taken directly from the memory card then the logger may be struggling through low batteries, or may have suffered an ESD event. If many files are showing this issue you may want to consider swapping out the logger and sending it in for repair.

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Actually they are RWD files and come to me via e-mail.  I am going to have my client first swap out the SD card to eliminate the possibility it might be a the card itself and not the data logger.  In addition, I will have my client dump the contents of the SD card after its swapped out to see if the RWD files were corrupted during e-mail transmission.  Will keep you posted.  Thanks.


Jerry Crescenti

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